The unimaginatively-named Pasta Bar is just a minute’s walk away from Kraków’s old town square. The food is good – mostly.

The interior is modern but also cosy.

On our first visit we had a delicious duck ravioli (41 zł / US$ 8.30) and sea bream (65 zł / US$ 13.20).

A 0.15l glass of Primitivo was 29 zł. A 750ml bottle of Aqua Panna water was 19 zł.

The only thing missing was a bread basket before our food arrived.

On our next visit, we decided to order a focaccia flatbread (22 zł) – this so we had bread before our main course. The effect of this was to delay our meal for 40 minutes as the bread joined the pizza queue. The bread was very good when it finally arrived.

I thought I’d try the duck pasta main course (39 zł) – it was really disappointing and I wouldn’t recommend it.

The corn-fed chicken (59 zł) was much better.

On our third visit, we went back to the trusted duck ravioli (41 zł / US$ 8.30) and sea bream (65 zł / US$ 13.20) combination. We asked about bread and our waitress brought some immediately and it didn’t appear on our bill – if only we’d known or been offered before!

The Pasta Bar is worth a visit once you know that bread is available and to avoid the duck penne.

Pasta Bar
Sławkowska 13, 31-016 Kraków, Poland

The website has nothing but a picture – there is a Facebook page