The Rynek underground museum of Kraków is situated beneath the old town square. The museum budget was US$4 million and the exhibits, spanning 4000 square metres underground. lavishly attempt to make history and geology interesting.

We love underground places and Rynek underground museum has some good reviews. It wasn’t busy when we visited, so we had plenty of time to view the exhibits.

There are touchscreens, projectors and large flat screen televisions everywhere. It’s almost as if every insignificant geological find inspired a full multimedia presentation.

We wandered around without any sense that we were following some historical path.

We were mostly bored but at least grateful that we weren’t trapped on a lengthy guided tour.

Soon we reached the dull snack bar that is prior to the exit.

Sadly, this museum is classic case of too much money and too little imagination. I wouldn’t recommend visiting, even on a rainy day. What I would highly recommend is the Wieliczka Salt Mine, just 40 minutes by train from Kraków.

Rynek Główny 1, 31-042 Kraków