On the Gaia side of Porto’s Douro River, the Gaia Cable Car provides a scenic ride between the Gaia Port Wine cellars and the Serra do Pilar Monastery.

We were staying at the Hilton Porto Gaia, just a few minutes’ walk to the Lower Station, in front of the Cais de Gaia Municipal Market. A one-way adult ticket €6. You can view our ride here.

We arrived at the Upper Station, next to Jardim do Morro na Av. da República after five minutes. The views from the top are excellent and you can also cross the upper part of Dom Luis I Bridge across to Porto. If you’re afraid of heights, you can also cross the lower part of the bridge and avoid the cable car completely.

The Serra do Pilar Monastery is apparently more impressive from the outside and so we skipped visiting.

If you decided not to watch the video, then more photos below.