Imagine if your favourite peixaria (fishmonger) decided to add some seating, employ some good chefs and let you choose fresh fish cooked to order – that’s pretty much the Sea Me – Peixaria Moderna Restaurant in Lisbon.

We made a reservation and arrived early by Portuguese standards (7.30pm on a Saturday evening in November). Within an hour, the place was packed and people were waiting.

We were seated at our table and then invited to visit the fresh fish counter at the rear of the restaurant.

Our friendly waitress explained the concept – basically choose the fish/seafood you want and they cook it. Everything is priced by type and weight. Unless you have deep pockets, be careful, as you can easily over order and spend a lot of money.

A good bottle of Vale da Capucha red was €35 and that was an average price for wine on the list. A 0.75l bottle of water €4. A 0.4l beer €4.50. There was also a €4.50 per person cover charge added.

We started with large, perfectly-cooked scallops – this sharing plate for four weighed 0.3kg and cost €46.50.

All of the fish was excellent, although expensive. 0.695kg linguado (sole) €47.96. 0.875kg rodovalho (brill) €70.88). 1.035kg dourada (sea bream) €75.56.

Sea Me is a great, although expensive, place for fresh fish in Lisbon.

Sea Me – Peixaria Moderna
Rua do Loreto 21, 1200-241 Lisboa, Portugal

+351 21 346 1564