The small town of Sete Cidades sits at the centre of a large volcanic crater. The surrounding area is stunning. Luckily there is a great place to eat – disguised as a tea room.

We drove into Sete Cidades and passed Casa de Chá ‘O Poejo’ on the way – we ignored it as it appeared to be a tea room. We found a modern restaurant called ‘Green Love’ by the side of a lake – inside were numerous flies, circling and so we moved on. Next, we found the ‘Lagoa Azul’ restaurant. This looked a little better, but we found that they only offered an all-inclusive buffet. In desperation, we returned to Casa de Chá ‘O Poejo’ and found a modern, quality, restaurant.

The building is also a hotel called Quinta da Queiró. We found the restaurant entrance.

Inside was a modern space and garden.

There was a menu of snacks, soups and sandwiches, but the obvious choice was the daily special. Hidden behind this pile of fries and salad, were two large pieces of roast beef – delicious and only €15.

The staff were really friendly.

The hotel ‘Quinta da Queiró’ looks like a good place to stay if you wanted to explore the surrounding area.

On my way to the bathroom, I saw this table with magazines. The white sign had this bizarre message:
Only for decoration
Do not touch

We really enjoyed our lunch at Casa de Chá ‘O Poejo’. The owners really need to do more to promote this as a restaurant – it’s so much more than a tea room.

Casa de Chá ‘O Poejo’
Quinta da Queiró
Rua da Queiró, nº 9, 9555 – 203
Sete Cidades, São Miguel, Açores

+351 296 915 674
+351 963 010 551