Imagine a vast antique shop, filled with thousands of interesting items. Then add a bar and food area, where even the chair that you sit on is for sale. That is Armazém in Porto.

Sadly, I should have said ‘that was Armazém’ as they closed 31st December 2022 – landlord raised the rent. We wouldn’t normally publish an article about a place that you can no longer visit, but Armazém deserves to live on through pictures. Plus, there is still a chance that they can re-open in a new location.

Below a series of photos taken a few weeks before they closed.

Glass of Papa Figos red €5. Bottle of water €1.20. Tapas board €11. Sandwich €6.50.

A tragic loss to Porto – let’s hope they can re-open somewhere soon.

Rua de Miragaia, 93
4050-387 Porto

+351 222 011 702
+351 924 435 124
+351 918 511 959