The food at Old Hanoi is very good and they have put a lot of effort into creating a Vietnamese theme. Not a waving cat to be found anywhere!

Just a short walk from Anděl metro station, the entrance to Old Hanoi hides a huge restaurant behind.

A bottle of Malbec was 599 Kč, a 0.1l glass 85 Kč. A 1l carafe of tap water was 49 Kč and we were charged another 49 Kč for a refill. Excessive tap water charging is actually typical of all of the Vietnamese restaurants we’ve visited in Prague.

Spring rolls 89 Kč.

Prawn dim sum 109 Kč.

Duck in a red curry sauce with rice 289 Kč – big enough to share.

Everything was delicious and we’d order again.

Many Vietnamese restaurants in Prague occupy former Czech pubs and apart from a few waving cats, they continue with the same decor. The food at Old Hanoi is very good and the theming really adds something. We will return – I just hope they read this review and make tap water free, or at least stop charging for refills.

Old Hanoi
Štefánikova 218/3, 150 00 Praha 5-Smíchov
Czech Republic

+420 608 836 836