We visited three of the five botanical gardens in Ponta Delgada. All were within walking distance from the Grand Hotel Açores Atlântico where we stayed for three nights.

The best botanical garden on the island of São Miguel is the Terra Nostra Garden in Furnas.

Jardim Botânico António Borges

If you only have time to visit one garden in Ponta Delgada then choose the António Borges garden. Better still it’s free.

R. de São Joaquim 22, 9500-180 Ponta Delgada, Portugal


Jardim Botânico Jose do Canto

This was our second favourite garden in Ponta Delgada and well worth 5 € per person entry fee.

Rua José do Canto, 9
9500-076 Ponta Delgada
São Miguel • Açores


Jardim Botânico Sant´Ana

This garden is also the grounds of the presidential palace. You have to produce photo ID as well as purchase a ticket for I think just a few Euros, The humourless entry guard/ticket seller warned us not to stray too close to the palace or fall foul of the police, but I assume the President wasn’t home as we didn’t spot any police – perhaps they were well camouflaged!

Rua José Jácome Correia
9500-077 Ponta Delgada