Located in the historic centre of Málaga, Blossom is a tiny restaurant that manages to deliver fine-dining food.

There are more tables outside than in.

Inside, the galley kitchen somehow manages to produce quality food that is nicely plated.

A glass of Malbec was €5. We asked for a large bottle of water, sadly they only had small bottles for €2.20. Our waitress was really friendly, spoke English and brought us warm bread. and pâté.

The Tortellini starter €14 was probably the best Tortellini we’ve eaten,

The duck magret €22 was perfect.

Blossom has a talented Argentinian head chef called Emi Schobert. I’m amazed at the quality of food that he can deliver from such a small kitchen. Blossom even offers a degustation menu. @ chef Schobert, well done, but please offer 0.75l bottles of water.

Well worth a visit if you are in Málaga.

Calle Strachan 11,
Centro Histórico
Málaga. España