Located in the historic centre of Málaga, Kraken is a large, lively and colourful tapas restaurant serving good food at a reasonable price.

Less than half the restaurant is shown in the above pictures. All the tables were occupied by the time we left.

A glass of house red €4.50. A 1l bottle of water €3.50.

Every dish was delicious.

Duck Gyozas in a citrus sauce €5.20

Beef meatballs in Vizcaina sauce €8.

Octopus and potato pie €7.40.

Duck Lasagna €7.60.

If you’re looking for a small classic tapas bar, where you sample a few tapas, drink a glass of wine and move on to the next, Kraken isn’t that place. Kraken is a large restaurant that serves good-quality tapas-style dishes and is worth a visit when you’re in Malaga for three nights or more. First night go to El Cenachero, second night Blossom, third night Kraken.

Plaza de las Flores, 2
29005 Málaga