Teesside Airport (MME) serves passengers based in the North East of England. It’s far smaller than its Newcastle and Leeds neighbours. I’m always surprised how few flights depart from this little gem of an airport.

There’s plenty of reasons to want to fly from Teesside…

Parking is immediately in front of the terminal.

And up to two hours parking is free if you spend a minimum of £2.50 in the Landside Café or Sky Bar.

They have new scanners at security that allow you to take up to two litres of liquids in hand luggage and no need to remove electronics.

And the airport terminal has been refurbished, including the lounge.

There are so few flights that I can list them here:

Year-round Flights

Amsterdam, The Netherlands with KLM.

Aberdeen, Scotland with Loganair.

Alicante, Spain with Ryanair.

Summer Flights

Majorca, Spain from March to October 2023 with TUI & Ryanair.

Faro, Portugal from March to October 2023 with Ryanair.

Antalya, Turkey from May to September 2023 with TUI.

Bourgas, Bulgaria from May to September 2023 with Balkan Holidays.

Jersey, Channel Islands May to September 2023 operated by Fairs-Lloyds Travel and Premier Holidays.

Corfu, Greece from June to September 2023 with Ryanair.

Dalaman, Turkey – from summer 2024

One-off Specials

Reykjavík, Iceland on 30th November 2023.

Pajala, Sweden on 12th December 2023.

Enontekio, Finland on 23rd December 2023 and 11th January 2024.

Why so few flights?

It’s a mystery, but probably has to do with the airport changing hands several times. There were once daily flights to London. Trains no longer stop at the nearby train station, the service had declined to once a week on a Sunday!

The airport does seem to be trying harder to attract both airlines and customers – up until March 2023, I was receiving regular promotional emails from them. I hope they didn’t fire the person managing that publicity.

A new £2.5million cargo handling facility opened in 2022. This was perfect timing as Doncaster Sheffield Airport closed in November 2022 and much of the freight is now handled by Teesside.

Let’s hope Teesside Airport continues to serve the local community. My next flight from Teesside is in June and we’ll update this article to describe the experience.

Teesside International Airport
Darlington, Tees Valley, DL2 1LU