The UK is famous for its red free-standing pillar boxes. Across many villages and towns, knitting enthusiasts have customised the tops to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III.

Here are some examples taken from the ‘UK Post Box Toppers’ Facebook group:

Fulbourn, Cambridge, England taken by Shelly Palazzo


West Wickham, Bromley, England taken by Rosa McChicken (may not be her real name!)


Linton, Cambridge, England taken by Karen Sanderson


Hawarden, Wales taken by Ailsa Campbell


Barlestone, Leicestershire, England taken by Claire Hough


Golcar, West Yorkshire, England taken by Lu See


Sellindge, Kent, England taken by Sarah Jane Sandy


Rothley, Leicestershire, England taken by Jenny Louise


Kent, England taken by Julie O’Hara


Monmouthshire, South Wales (anonymous)


Cleethorpes, England taken by Helen Craven


Horsforth, West Yorkshire, England taken by Kerry Fletcher


Eastbourne, East Sussex, England taken by Dee Nova


Romsey Hampshire, England taken by Debbie Spiers


Not sure where this one is or who took the photo.

Most boxes have EIIR as part of their design – this for the late Queen, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – the R is for Regina, the Latin for Queen. You can also find GR boxes for created during King George V reign (R is for Rex, the Latin for King) and previous monarchs before them..