Sopranos Fan Fest – November 23-24, 2019, New Jersey, USA – October 7th update


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Here’s the October 7th update on the Sopranos Fan Fest. Never heard of The Sopranos? Fuggedaboutit!

I first wrote here about a Sopranos Fan Fest coming to New Jersey this November.

I then found some great promo videos and you can watch those here.

I wrote an update, with many answers to FAQs here.

This article covers more FAQs and news from Michael Mota’s latest Facebook chat on October 6th. Michael is one of the three main organisers of SopranosCon. If you don’t have Facebook or don’t have time to  watch the entire 39 minutes video, here are my ‘CliffsNotes’.
Note that I’m not not affiliated with SopranosCon and I may have made some mistakes taking notes during the Facebook chat.

  1. Andrea Donna de Matteo who played Adriana La Cerva has been added as an attending cast member.
  2. The Embassy Suites hotel, opposite the Meadowlands, is almost full. Those who purchased a ticket package (The Stugots I or II) don’t need to worry as they have a Saturday night reservation in place.
  3. If you want to be at the SopranosCon registration (starts Saturday 23rd at 8am) you should consider staying locally as heavy traffic may delay your arrival.
    I’m already booked into a hotel in Manhattan and I also don’t like early mornings, so looks like I’ll be late for registration!
  4. There will be a Sopranos trivia contest.
  5. If you already purchased a ticket and would now like to upgrade that ticket, you can do that, subject to availability, by emailing
  6. The SopranosCon website will be updated with schedule information this week.
    I’m looking forward to more detail about the Bada Bing and Scores after parties. It sounds like a late night as the VIP event could easily run until 9pm on Saturday, so maybe Bada Bing 9.30pm and Scores maybe 11pm? Okay maybe not so late for you wiseguys!
  7. Merchandise is available from the SopranosCon website: and there will be random prizes for attendees wearing SopranosCon t-shirts and/or hats.
  8. There is a charity raffle for a 1994 Heritage Softail Harley Davidson FLSTN motorcycle, signed by 20 Sopranos cast members, including the late James Gandofini. Only 500 tickets available at $100 each.’s-davidson-motorcycle—only-500-tickets-available?

The contact form on the website doesn’t seem to work, but you can email them on

There is also a Facebook page:

And a Twitter feed: