Forte dei Marmi is an expensive beach resort in Tuscany. Prices are generally high and have been pushed even higher by wealthy Russians.

We were staying at the excellent Una Hotel and wanted to venture out locally and try some restaurants. The Una Hotel is about 20 minutes walk from the beach and so there aren’t many local restaurants to choose from. A few minutes walk down the street, just past the expensive Ristorante Madeo, we found a roadside café with just a few tables outside – some more out back.

The café sells fresh mushrooms, different meats, wine, beer, cannelloni, lasagne and seemed popular with locals who seemed to stop by for a Panini and coffee.

We asked for two plates of antipasto (I think antipasti is singular and antipasto is plural but could be wrong) and beer. The friendly owner then served up two huge plates of assorted meats and cheese, some delicious focaccia bread and two types of olive oil. All for around 15 Euros.


We enjoyed the place so much that we went for lunch there for at least three days of our week’s holiday. We would have gone for dinner but they close at 7pm.

I tried to find any references to this place via Google. All I could find was a facebook site that was created by someone in the family.

Chiosco dei funghi di Balderi Marco
VIA VICO GIOVAN BATTISTA – not sure if it has a number, but it’s almost next door to Madeo which is number 75.

Telephone: 366 9797 159