The Sala Azahar Lounge is the only lounge at Seville Airport and so is used by various airline business travellers, elite card holders and priority pass holders.

The part of the lounge that was open was really small and almost all the seats were taken.

The food and drink selection was probably the worst I’ve seen in an airport lounge, well except in Cuba. Only beer, wine, soft drinks and hot beverages were available – no gin, whisky, vodka.

The only food was in small pre-packed containers, such as this lamentable Caesar Salad – the dressing is a standard size, the only part that they couldn’t miniaturise!

The Wi-fi required users to enter their email address and was effectively the same as the free airport Wi-Fi.

I noticed that there was an area cordoned off at the lounge entrance.

I asked the lady at the lounge reception why this hadn’t been opened up as the lounge was full – she replied that they didn’t have enough staff to service the extended area.

A really terrible lounge and I told them so – they actually dared to leave feedback cards! Contrast this with the excellent lounge at Venice Marco Polo airport which shows how things can be done.