The Blue Elephant is a fantastic restaurant within the excellent Hilton Hotel in Malta. I’d consider returning to Malta just to have another dinner there.

I tend to avoid hotel restaurants. However, there was a storm blowing on our first night at the Hilton Malta and I’d only brought short-sleeved shirts and no coat for our December visit – weather was warm the next few days. So we booked the Blue Elephant within the hotel.

I checked the menu and the ‘Bangkok Symphony’ looked good.

33.50 EUR seemed okay for three courses and I’d already decided on dim sum and a massaman lamb curry.

We had a couple of drinks and snacks in the Hilton Executive Lounge on the ninth floor then made our way down to first floor for 7.30 pm.

There was a nicely-themed but empty bar area.

The restaurant was large and the Thai theme continued.

The tables were nicely presented.

Ours was next to a Koi pond and would have been my choice if I’d known the layout beforehand.

Our friendly waitress was Dutch – we announced that we’d already chosen the Bangkok Symphony and started to list our choices. It was then that we discovered that the menu included everything listed. We started to regret the snacks we’d had in the lounge.

A bottle of Chianti was 28 EUR and a 75cl water an expensive 5.50 EUR. Next time we’ll bring one of the bottles from our room.

Our starters arrived.

Everything was delicious, although I should have asked if I could swap Thai Fish Cake for more Dim Sum when I ordered.

The main courses were all excellent. If I had to choose the weakest dish it would be the chicken.

There were also sides of Pad Thai and Jasmine Rice.

We were absolutely full and couldn’t cope with the mango cheesecake – that was packed up for us and went into our room mini bar for the following day.

An amazing experience and good value at 33.50 EUR per person. I’d recommend you visit even if you have to take a taxi from your own hotel.

Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant
Hilton Malta
Vjal Portomaso
St. Julian’s

6:30PM -10:30PM

+356 213 83383