Majer began as a bakery and pastry business and opened their first shop on the Piazzale Roma in 1924. There are now nine locations throughout Venice, including a restaurant on Giudecca Island.

Giudecca is a beautiful, quiet island with several restaurants along the canal front. We stayed at the nearby Hilton Molino Stucky Venice which is a perfect location for exploring Venice, but benefits from being on Giudecca.

We first ate at Majer on a previous visit in early 2018 – we liked it so much that it was the first place we went back to in September 2021. We visited on two evenings; Monday and Wednesday – Majer is closed on a Tuesday night.

The first half of Majer is delicatessen and pasticceria, plus a bar area that is also used for diners. There is a small restaurant room at the rear and a canal-side terrace during warmer evenings. It’s a cosy place.

The staff are friendly and speak English. All of the food is well presented and delicious. There is an extensive wine list and good by-the-glass options. I somehow mislaid by receipts – expect to pay around 100 EUR for two – more if you eat many courses or drink a lot.

We were served a different amuse-bouche on each evening.

Scallops are always a good starter.

I tried a ravioli as I really liked that dish on our visit three years ago – which looked like this:

But the current version looks like this:

And although tasty, wasn’t what I was looking for – I hope they bring back the original.

On the first evening we had great fish.

Second evening some amazing beef.

And a lovely crème brûlée.

The bathroom is clean, modern and has personal hand towels.

As you would guess, I’d recommend this restaurant. Even if you aren’t staying on Giudecca Island, it would be worth a trip over the canal to walk around the island and have dinner at Majer.

Majer Giudecca
Giudecca – La Palanca Fondamenta Sant’Eufemia 461 – 30135
Venezia Isola della Giudecca –

Tel. +39 041 5211162


Link to the Majer chain: