The town of Como is full of restaurants and the prices reflect the popularity of Lake Como. Gesumin was recommended by the staff at the Hilton Lake Como – so how was it?

The restaurant interior was delightful – the place was empty when we arrived.

The waiter wasn’t unfriendly, but there wasn’t that warm welcome that comes when visiting many Italian restaurants. We’d just been spoilt by the service and generousity of Osteria Fara in Milan.

A glass of red wine was €7. A bottle of water €3.50.

Ravioli was pretty good, but also expensive at €16.

The sea bass was good, again expensive at €24. We asked about side dishes, such as roasted potatoes, but none were available – they apparently want to be more modern/contemporary.

The chef de patron came to visit our table and was quite friendly.

The restaurant filled up and it was clear that the majority of the customers were from the Hilton Lake Como. We later found a better restaurant called L’Ideale, just a short walk from the Hilton and I wish they would mention that in their recomendations.

There weren’t any complimentary wine top ups. A rather exorbitant cover charge of 3.50 per person was added to the bill – I think this included some bread, but the bread wasn’t very good.

Gesumin was okay – it’s probably no worse than many of the restaurants in the main town of Como, but we wouldn’t return.

via Cinque Giornate, 46 – 22100 – Como – Italy

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