We visited Checkpoint Charley for a Saturday lunch, with great food outside in their interesting garden. I wish we’d found it earlier so we could have attended the Friday night jazz evening.

We found Checkpoint Charley by mistake while wandering around the narrow streets of Sofia. It was a lovely warm day in October and we saw the entrance to their garden.

and we sat one table in.

The waiter was really friendly and spoke English. We had a couple of StaroBrno beers (a Czech beer brewed under licence in Bulgaria) and really amazing meatballs, hoummos, sald and pitta. Total was BGN 45 (US$ 25, EUR 23, GBP 20).

One wasp flew around me, but luckily that was it and I didn’t see any others.

The interior was like visiting your Grandmother’s house; crockery on creaking shelves and a random selection of objet d’art.

We could see the food was coming from the building next door. The waiter explained that the main restaurant, where they have live jazz on a Friday night was in that building – this was just the garden borrowed from the house next door.

We took a look at the main restaurant (we’d previously walked part without even noticing).

It had a cool interior space.

The previous evening, we’d had disappointing food in the Club of the Architects. So we were really happy to find such an interesting, friendly place with great food. If we had been in Sofia for longer, we would have tried the evening restaurant as well.

Checkpoint Charley
ul. “Ivan Vazov” 12, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria


+359 2 988 0370