Locale is on a street that seems to attract most of Riga’s homeless addicts. The service level seems to depend on which day you visit. The good news is that the food is delicious.

There is an outside covered terrace, a cosy room at the front and large room at the back. There’s also space upstairs. We sat in the room at the front on our first visit and on the terrace for the next two nights.

The room at the front can become warm due to a bread oven.

On arrival you’re asked if you’d like the Georgian or Mediterranean menu. It’s likely that you’ll make most choices from the Mediterranean menu, but ask for both so you can see everything.

We chose two glasses of Valpolicella Classico (€6 for 0.15l) and a 0.75l bottle of Aqua Panna (€4.50 which felt like a rip off).

On all of our three visits, we started with the vegetarian meze for two (€14.50) and that included two pieces of the hollow bread – well except when the staff changed to a lazier, ruder shift on Wednesday 3rd August where they insisted that it only came with one piece of bread.

The meze and bread are surprisingly filling.

On our first visit we tried the excellent duck dolma – similar to Greek dolmades (€11.50) – I’d eaten some before I remembered to take a picture.

The next visit we shared a chargrilled sea bream (€16.90). That was so good that we had on our third visit.

The bathrooms were clean and modern. Individual hand towels were provided, which is a good indication that someone is taking care of this restaurant.

On our first two visits (Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd August) the staff were friendly and attentive. On Wednesday 3rd August, the (different) staff were surly and inattentive – the food was still just as good.

I’d still recommend Locale and we’d visit again if we return to Riga.

Locale Restaurant
Grēcinieku iela 8, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1050, Latvia