Imagine if your favourite fishmonger decided to add some seating in the back, employ some good chefs and let you choose fresh fish cooked to order – that’s pretty much the Blue Fjord Seafood Market and Restaurant in Prague.

The seafood counter is the first thing you’ll see when you walk through the door.

There is an amazing array of seafood available – but don’t get too excited, find a table first!

We found a table in the back.

Table service is friendly, albeit a little haphazard. Initially, our waiter only offered bottled water and wasn’t sure if we could have a jug of tap water. He eventually relented and a large jug of water was 25 Kč – a fair price. We asked for two glasses of red, such has Primitivo, Malbec or Merlot – what’s that? White with fish? Well, we prefer red. The waiter suggested a Phant Pinotage Reserve, which is an excellent wine, priced accordingly at 180 Kč for 0.15l – I’ve since tried the house Merlot (85 Kč for 0.15l) and it’s perfectly drinkable.

We headed to the seafood counter, which was manned by a friendly and knowledgeable ‘seller’. Almost everything is priced by weight, but the seller will tell give you an idea of weight if you ask. You can also choose how you’d like everything cooked.

We chose four large scallops as a starter (212 Kč for four) and a whole Sea Bream that was large enough to share (374 Kč for a 540g fish), plus some grilled potatoes (65 Kč) and grilled vegetables (75 Kč).

Back at our table and the scallops arrived.

Perfectly cooked and absolutely delicious – next time I’m having four to myself.

Next, our sea bream.

A great piece of fish, cooked to perfection. We were happy to fillet the fish ourselves, but if don’t want to do that, I think you can choose fish fillets from the counter – probably more expensive.

Our final bill included a ‘cooking fee’ of 95 Kč per person. That’s really the difference between buying the uncooked fish to take away and having it cooked and served. I think that’s more than reasonable. The 95 Kč is fixed and not a percentage.

It’s amazing to find such a great place for seafood, right in the tourist centre of Prague. I have a feeling that many visitors ignore the place as they aren’t sure how it works, nor how much they will pay. But don’t be scared, just imagine someone handed you this card:

Choose a table and order your drinks.

Visit the seafood counter and choose whatever you want to eat – our sellers will offer you advice.

Choose how you’d like everything cooked – again, our sellers will offer you advice.

We’ll cook your choices and bring everything to your table.

Note: A ‘cooking fee’ of 95 Kč per person is added to your bill – this is not a tip.

Blue Fjord Seafood Market and Restaurant
Dlouhá 14
Prague 110 00
Czech Republic

+420 730 870 086

There are two websites:

This one doesn’t tell you much

This one is more an online shop, but you can get an idea of their range of seafood